An historic building like the Guildhall at Llantrisant is a great way to engage your pupils and bring learning to life.

Set in the shadow of a ruined Norman castle, the 14th-century Guildhall is a place where pupils can totally immerse themselves in the past.

The Guildhall team includes experts in the field of education who have designed classes, activities and learning modules suited to the new curriculum.

The local resource is available to all schools and provides a fascinating insight into the story of an ancient Welsh hill town. The Guildhall can offer learning opportunities in line with the Donaldson recommendations in ‘Successful Futures’ and activities aligned to the ‘Four Core Purposes’ can be tailored to suit the needs of pupils.

A visit provides real-life learning opportunities, which can encourage curiosity and enthusiasm. Children and young people are supported to take responsibility for aspects of their own learning in the humanities and expressive arts as well as literacy and approaches to communication.

This is an exciting way for teachers to enrich the blend of learning approaches for children and young people. It fits well with the aspirations of new curriculum developments particularly with reference to Welsh local history.

There is a nominal charge of only £2.00 per head which includes all relevant resources that can be used in the Guildhall and on the return to the classroom.

If you are a teacher or education professional and would like to arrange a FREE familiarisation visit or any additional resources for your visit please do not hesitate to contact us.