An historic building like the Guildhall at Llantrisant is a great way to engage your pupils and bring learning to life.

Set in the shadow of a ruined Norman Castle, the 14th century Guildhall is a place where can you totally immerse yourself in the past.

The Guildhall benefits from experts in the field of education who have designed classes, activities and learning modules to benefit the changing curriculum.

So whether you are studying the Normans, castles, medieval warfare or the Victorians you will find plenty to keep your pupils engrossed whilst visiting the Guildhall.

This unique site began life as a Celtic community more than 1,500 years ago but didn’t enter the history books until Richard de Clare built his military fortress on the hill in 1246.

As the overnight prison of King Edward II the castle saw centuries of rebellion and uprising.

Its residents were experienced longbowmen who fought gallantly for their Black Prince at Crecy and captured the Prince of Wales feathers as an emblem of war.

The presentment of a Charter in 1346 saw a community of Freemen emerge and the town continued to flourish down the generations, boasting a thriving market and even 27 pubs! As the home of Victorian surgeon and eccentric Dr William Price it was here that he controversially cremated his child which led to the passing of a Parliamentary Act.

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