Welcome to the historic hilltop town of Llantrisant.

For more than 1,500 years Llantrisant has been a famous Welsh township boasting unique traditions, fascinating tales, eccentric characters and a vibrant, thriving community.

Today Llantrisant remains one of the most visited tourist attractions in south Wales, offering shops and boutiques, exquisite eateries, family-fun activities and a flourishing social scene.

Commanding an outstanding setting high on the crest of a hill Llantrisant’s splendour lies in its enchanting beauty of landmark buildings and homes scattered through the town’s charming, cobbled streets.

Llantrisant boasts a remarkable history filled with many unique traditions, fascinating tales, and eccentric characters.

Commanding an outstanding setting on the crest of two hills, like a dominant city from Biblical times, Llantrisant tells an incredible story.

Crowned by its ruined Norman castle and fine parish church with a seat of power at the medieval Guildhall, Llantrisant’s quaint houses and shops cluster proudly throughout charming, cobbled streets.

The town’s Charter of 1346 and the role its Freemen played as trained longbowmen in the victorious Battle of Crecy under the command of the Black Prince underpin the legendary tales behind Llantrisant’s reputation as the home of the “Black Army”.

Throughout the centuries the old town has been home to a plethora of characters from Lord Mayors of London to the world’s shortest man.

As a prison for King Edward II and the place where Dr William Price’s escapades led to the passing of the Cremation Act, Llantrisant is firmly secured in the annals of British history.

Enjoy your visit to our hometown. Make sure you spend time wandering its fascinating buildings, learn the incredible Llantrisant story at its Guildhall and immerse yourself in its breathtaking country walks.

Don’t forget to stroll its shops for that special gift or indulge yourself in an afternoon tea or delicious evening meal followed by a host of live entertainment.

We look forward to welcoming you to Llantrisant – the small town with a big story!