Community is important in Llantrisant.

The town thrives on a deep sense of belonging, of friendships and family while always offering the warmest of welcomes on the hilltop.

Residents have a reputation for enjoying themselves and there’s nowhere better for community events than the Castle Green. 

This lush little idyll hosts a range of events throughout the year including family celebrations, weddings and fairs.

The tranquil setting with its panoramic views over the Bristol Channel is a hidden gem in Llantrisant, situated between the Guildhall and the ruins of Richard de Clare’s castle.

Since time immemorial generations of families have relaxed on the green while enjoying the vista of both historic landmarks.

The Castle Green is the perfect location for large-scale events which can easily be organised by our dedicated events team.

It’s the ideal place to erect a marquee and hold a celebratory event like a banquet or live concert.

Every year we organise our summer fete, the Big Picnic and also welcome our knights in combat, fearsome archers and wicked wenches for the Medieval Fayre. Visit our Events for further details.