Built in 1346 and rebuilt in 1773, Llantrisant Guildhall was the centre of power in an ancient borough for more than 500 years.

Its elegant Georgian court room hosted the Court Leet which ruled the markets and fairs of the hilltop town.

Below was the cornmarket, which included the town stocks alongside four open archways that led onto the large market place.

It is also the home of the cells, known locally as the “black hole” which continues to send a shiver down the spine of many visitors.

There are many fascinating items to view in the Guildhall, whether secured in our showcase cabinets or mounted on the walls. The Court Room is home to a collection of silverware presented by Sir Brandon Rhys Williams of Miskin Manor and Sir Cennydd Traherne, the Lord Lieutenant of Glamorgan.

View the 18th century longcase clock made by Freeman David Thomas in 1780 or the magnificent portrait of the Lord Mayor of London Sir David Evans, lost in storage for decades.

The most precious of all items is the silver Mace, dated from 1633 and awarded to the Freemen of Llantrisant by the 4th Earl of Pembroke. Miraculously it survived the English Civil War and is older than the one used in the House of Commons.

There are exhibitions to the eccentric Dr William Price, including many of his personal items and stitching needles for surgery! A beautiful replica of his colourful costume will delight visitors who become enthralled by the story of this larger than life Welsh character.

While wandering the Archer’s Hall you can view our life-like Welsh archer, dressed in uniform and armed with an impressive longbow designed specifically for the Guildhall. This exhibition is dedicated to the Battle of Crecy from 1346 where the “black army” of the town fought for the Prince of Wales.

Many tales of bloodthirsty battles and captured kings of England captivate visitors who become engrossed in the town’s incredible past can be discovered.

To truly appreciate the heritage of the town and the magnificent collection on display, you simply must visit the Guildhall at Llantrisant.

To learn more about its history visit here.