The Guildhall at Llantrisant is a Grade II listed building of significant historical importance. It does not have a commercial kitchen, as there is no extractor suitable for cooking. The kitchen is equipped with a microwave, sinks etc. These limitations must be considered when creating menu options for clients.


The serving of food is fine and can take place in the kitchen.

The downstairs museum space is suitable for keeping food hot, the plating of food and food service delivery to the Council Hall.

Cooking food on site is not permitted: food must be cooked off site.

Caterers can… Caterers cannot…
Bring in cooked foods for preparation Cook meat/fish/vegetables/pulses/ carb foods in any part of the building
Bring in and use deep fat fryers
Bring in gas canisters of any sort
Use induction hobs for cooking

We have hosted many dinners here successfully and caterers have delivered exceptional foods with menus that work with the restrictions of the venue.


As a charity we are committed to sustainable catering. The following conditions must be met.

Recycling. All waste must be recycled where possible. This includes all glass, plastic and cardboard. Recycling & rubbish is to be removed at the end of each event.

No single-use plastic. We do not permit the use of single-use plastic. This includes (but is not limited to) polystyrene trays/packaging, plastic cutlery, plastic or polysytrene cups, plastic water bottles, and similar. We are happy to suggest alternatives if you struggle to find any.

Real Living Wage. Any waiters or other staff must be paid at least the Living Wage for any shifts carried out at the Temple of Peace. This is currently set at £9.90 per hour. As a Living Wage Employer, we of course encourage these wages to be paid for all staff across your business.

Other practices we encourage (but don’t enforce) are using local suppliers to decrease carbon footprint and support independent businesses, using more eco-friendly cleaning products, and reducing packaging overall by using for zero (or low) waste alternatives.



If you have not used our kitchen before, we strongly advise that you view the facilities prior to deciding on the menu, as the rules stated above must not be breached.  Should any the conditions be breached, we will reserve the right to take any or all of actions listed below:

    • Retain clients’ deposit and/or seek recompense for any resulting costs or damages.
    • Remove forbidden equipment from the premises as detailed above
    • Ask the caterers to leave the premises
    • Terminate the event


Caterers must also provide proof of PAT testing for any equipment brought onto the venue, a copy of their Food Hygiene certificate and a copy of their Public Liability Insurance. They must also take responsibility for risk assessing any equipment (e.g. knives) that their staff use on site.   

All contractors must leave the site in the same condition as they found it, otherwise this will incur a cleaning cost of £200 which will be deducted from your clients deposit.


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